Richard TatyDid you miss the show tonight? Richard Taty blessed us with 4 Key Strategies for Moving from Pain to Success!
Check the replay here!

Richard came from humble beginnings in Havana Cuba and by age 37 he had worked for many major corporations in North, South and Central America! He’s a Multilingual Coach and Motivational Speaker that speaks to hundreds of people weekly on his radio show in Spanish. But on this broadcast, he steps out of his “Comfort Zone” and performs his very 1st presentation to my worldwide audience in English! Unstoppable!

This “Man of Vision” shows you how planning, consistency, being tested and pushing forward can allow you to live the life of your dreams! You’ll want to watch this powerful show and the kicker is….it’s absolutely FREE!!!! Here’s that replay again:

The Next Level Living Show with Coach Terrance: Talking to Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things to Live Life on the Next Level!

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