I’ve been writing a lot about Accountability lately because I think it’s so important in reaching our goals. It may be the most important thing you can do reach them.  Check out this video from one of my colleagues, Rich Hardwood, thinks about it.  Here’s the Link:


Sure, you can write down your goals, paste them in your mirrors, walls, seeks and forehead. You can plan out your action steps and schedule time to blog, listen to audio/videos and call your leads. But when it is actually time to do the WORK, who is there to hold you Accountable besides You?

Being Personally Accountable requires Discipline, Determination and Desire. I will touch on each of them in reverse order.


Accountability is a choice first and foremost. Choices usually are made based upon the Desired Outcome associated with it. If I desire to have ice cream, I am more than likely going to hold myself accountable for the weight gain associated with it. If I desire to be financially free, am I going to blame others for not achieving that goal or am I going to hold myself accountable for that achievement.  When my actions are in line with my desires, then accountability can be easily achieved.


After desire comes Determination.  Determination is defined as “the act of coming to a decision or setting a purpose”.  Linzy Davis writes in her article ” The Winning Edge” that determination is” Our greatest asset and the tool we use to defeat discouragement”.  Once we have that desire to achieve something engraved on sour psyche, we become determined to do whatever it takes to make it a reality. Accountability is no longer an issue because we are at our strongest point. Determination will take you much farther than skill or talent or even limits perceived limitations ever will. Check out how Joshua Rucker used determination in his  accountability for his own success:



The hardest of the 3 requirements is Discipline. It’s the day to day, hour by hour, minute by minute things you must do to be accountable. It’s where the rubber meets the road. Am I accountable to doing what I need to do consistent basis until I reach my goals?  Ladies and gentlemen, this is is where the talk must equal the talk otherwise accountability is lost.

While personal accountability is the goal here, you do not have to go Tim alone. Accountability partners can be a great resource to help you hone your desire, harvests your determination and heighten your discipline.  A life coach is a good place to start to help you with accountability.  The Internet is a another good resource for tapes, videos and articles on the topic.

Make Personal Accountability a daily mantra for your success. Be Bold, Be Accountable, Be Unstoppable!