“Do not be one of those who, rather than risk failure, never attempt anything!” – Thomas Merton

These are powerful words. Have you noticed this in your life? Is it easier to “settle” for where you are in your relationships, careers, and overall life rather than striving to reach the next level. Does “fear” and “anxiety” keep you stuck in the same place? I can relate to that because I have been there too.

When you find yourself in this situation,
I invite you to do a few things that will get you back on track:

1. Identifiy the obstacle for what it IS, not what you perceive it to be.
This is 2 very different things because how we view that obstacle can be far worse than it actually is. “I’ll never be able to lose 20lbs!” or “3miles is too far to run” The obstacle is not how far you run or how much weight you lose, it’s the ACTION of losing weight or beginning to run.

2. After you begin to look at the obstacle for what is IS, then break into smaller action parts.
Instead of trying to run 3miles at one time, set a goal for maybe 1 mile today. Practice that for awhile and watch those muscle get stronger. Then increase your goals until the desired goal is met.

3. Be UNSTOPPABLE in your commitment to your goals.
No one can hold you more accountable than you can for reaching your goals. Be true to yourself and congratulate yourself for facing your obstacles and PUSHING right through them!

As you grow stronger in realizing your obstacles, breaking them down into smaller action parts, and become unstoppable in reaching your goals, the risk of failure is diminished and you create a possiblity of success.

I want to help you to be “UNSTOPPABLE”
so you can MOVE THAT MOUNTAIN!!!