I met with one of my clients today who is having trouble with motivating herself and being focused on getting a job. She sets appointments in her calendar; makes phone calls and leaves the house TRYING to find work. As I questioned her on her efforts, one thing became clear. Her efforts were not consistent. For every appointment she had put in her calendar, there were other apppointments that never made it there. SOUND FAMAILIAR?

As a result, she was missing out on opportunities left and right. That led to feeling of disappointment and failure which led to….You guessed it; NO motivation to do anything else because all of her efforts were not working out.

What was really happening is that her efforts were being sabotaged by her lack of Consistency. Consistency requires discipline and determination. One needs to follow through on tasks until completion. Many times we tend to GIVE UP if the tasks appears too hard or if it does not bear results instantly. Instant gratification has spoiled us to the point that the “Staying The Course” attitude has been all but washed away by society. We all want to be the “Rabbit” in the race of life; not the “Turtle”.

I submit to you that “Consistency is the Key to Unstoppable Breakthroughs”! A hammer rarely pounds the nail all the way through the wood on the first hit! A mighty wave of water first must start out as a ripple. Sand must be shaped and formed in the fire over time before it can be turned into a polished piece of glass.

So it is with you and your goals! If first you do not succeed, TRY, TRY AGAIN! Unstoppable people resist the temptation to give up and throw in the towel when the results are slow to come. Stay consistent and stay committed! Your Breakthrough is on the Way!