• What is Coaching?
  • How does Coaching differ from Therapy, Mentoring, or Counseling?
  • Are you Coachable?
  • What is a session like?
  • How do I get started?


Q: What is Coaching?
A: Coaching is a journey that you and Unstoppable coaching will take that will empower you to clarify your goals and desires, put actions behind those goals, and push to the next level where you find you higher self.

Q: How does Coaching differ from Therapy, Mentoring, and Counseling?
A: Therapy deals with your past and some unresolved issue. Mentoring guides you in a specific direction or a set path, but not specifically your unique path. Coaching if forward focused, dealing with your uniquely defined path and your development in general.

Q: Are you Coachable?
A: If you are ready to be Unstoppable, you are coachable. If you are ready to breakdown obstacles, you are coachable. If you are willing to allow us to partner with you in your journey towards transformation, clarity, and new possibilities, YOU ARE COACHABLE!!!

Q: What is a session like?
A: Sessions usually take place over the phone so that you can work on your goals and desires from virtually anywhere in the world!  A session usually lasts 45-60minutes in which you and your coach work to clarify goals, create actions plans, and ascertain any obstacles in your way.
Each session is designed with faith based practices and proven coaching techniques to empower you to reach your goals with an unstoppable force!!

Q: How do I get Started?
A: Go to the Contact Us page and fill out the form for your FREE complimentary coaching session. This will allow you the opportunity to “try us on” and see if there is a mutual fit.  Then you can go to our Serivces and pick a plan that works for you.