As we enter into this year, we are looking for different things. I just want to speak the men now.  Are you seeking to be a better man in 2010? A better father; a better husband or boyfriend?  A better son or a better friend?  How are you gonna be better in 2010?

Are you gonna spend more time with family than you did last year?  Are you gonna make more time for date night with your significant other? Are you gonna finally have that father/daughter dance? Are you gonna make to your son’s football game more often.

Are you gonna Pray more? Are you gonna go to Church more? Are you gonna read more than just the sports page or the men’s magazines(you know the ones)?  Are you gonna be more aware of what’s going on in the world; in your community?

Are you gonna mentor a young boy or a teenager so that they can see what a REAL MAN looks and acts like?  Are you gonna be active at school as a volunteer making sure our kids are safe?  Are you give your time and talents to worthwhile causes that need you attention?

Are you gonna eat right, exercise more, drink less and get enough rest? Are you gonna GO TO THE DOCTOR? Are you gonna take your medicine like it was prescribed? Are you gonna be proactive in your own health care?

If you do any of the above things, you can’t help but be a Better Man in 2010!  Now I would love to hear from you Men! Let’s let the world know that there are men seeking to be better in 2010! I would love to add your comments on my website.