May sound over used on a day like today, but in fact can be a GREAT coaching tool. Many holidays are created to remind us of something important: 4th of july to remind us of our Independence; Xmas to remind us of the birth of Christ; Veteran’s and Memorial to remember what are military are doing and has done for us. Thanksgiving reminds us to be thankful for the Harvest that God provide for us this year. It offers us an opportunity to look back at what has been accomplished this year. It offers us a moment of Gratitude and Thankfulness.

What if we got in the habit of being Grateful and Thankful EVERYDAY. What new possibilities would be created? Could you be more in tune with your progress? Would you have more motivation to Push on instead of giving up? Would you celebrate life more often and appreciate family time more.

Give Thanks today because it’s tradition. Make giving thanks everyday a HABIT! Happy Thanksgiving.