At this time last year, I was one of thousands of people who traveled to Washington D.C. to experience CHANGE IN ACTION! I was “peacock proud” to be a Black Man in an America that elected a Black Man as its 44th President. I cried that day; I smiled that day; I praised God that day for things He had done. I believed Change had finally come to America.

As each month passed from this Historic moment, I cried for our President who has had to endure far more than any president before him. I smiled each month as I saw MY President handle all the trials and tribulations with Honor, Discretion and Dignity.  And I have praised God each month since that moment because He continues to use Barack Obama as a vessel and constant reminder of what Black Men can do when given a chance.

But I do not put all my HOPE in Barack Obama. For He is just One Man. I choose to put my Hope in the brother I know who is making HISTORY in the schools in suburban Cook County as a Principal. Or the Brother who is a Partner in a large consulting firm, but still makes his sons a priority and teaches them daily to be strong men. I put my hope in the Brothers who take in kids not of their own flesh, but who CHOOSE to raise them as if they were their own, no exceptions. I put my hope in the Brother who has no kids of his own, but still takes the opportunity to mentor a child at school or church or the local community center.

That is the HISTORY I see one year later. That is not to say that it didn’t always exist, but the HISTORY of last year has changed the way the world views our possibilities this year.  The world now no longer just sees the ball player or the drug pusher; the Thug  on BET or the Thug on the street. The world now can see the Best of us; NOT just the worse.

That’s History 1 year later: Now what can you do to make this year look better than the last. History always makes room for someone else to be a part of it. Can You Make History?  YES YOU CAN!  Im doing my part now by writing this…..How about you?  Your views and comments are always welcome as every voice has value

Now, Go Be Unstoppable!