Edward Womack On the last episode of the “Next Level Living Show”, we continued our “Men Of Vision Series” with a powerful testimony from Edward Womack.  He is the “Life Transformer” and CEO of T.I.P.S Academy in Woodstock, Georgia.  this man has many low points in his life ,but is experiencing UNSTOPPABLE Success in his life now. As a child, he experienced a personal tragedy in his home that set him on a path of bad decisions. As an adult, even though he experienced outward success and was blessed to work for fortune 500 companies and travel the world, he was suffering in silence on the inside.  He tells of “anesthetizing” his pain with alcohol and drugs. Hear his story by clicking here:


But that’s not the end of the story! Ed states at one point in his life he felt like he was at the “entrance to Hell” but something wasn’t ready for him to go all the way in! That’s when he found “Trinity House” and 8 years later he is clean, sober, and telling his story in hopes of helping other men and women “Come Back From Broken!”  Now he uses his book, “Come Back From Broken” to speak to people about how they can overcome obstacles in their own life and Soar to Greatness! He uses his organization, T.I.P.S Academy, to Train Important People to Soar turning them into the person they were created to be!  Learn more about the organization here:


One very important take we want you to get from this episode is when you are ready to Come Back From Broken”,  you’re going to need to move away from certain people, places and playgrounds!  That was a mind blowing statement and synonymous with a verse in the Bible I love to paraphrase.  Ecclesiastes 3 speaks to everything occurs for a Reason, A Season or a Lifetime!  We need to learn to differentiate how long and why people, places and playgrounds are in our lives! Everyone is not meant to be with us on our journey for the long haul. Some people teach us what we need to get to the Next Level; others are there to show us new places and experiences and then there are those who will be our life partners.

This was truly an UNSTOPPABLE Hour of broadcasting and I know you will be better for watching! So don’t delay. Go ahead and click the link below and enjoy the show.


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