Here’s a sure fire way to remember a task. So in my house, we keep the supplies in the basement. So when we need paper towels or plates, we have to go to the basement. The only bad thing is that My Big Screen TV is also in the basement.  So when I go in the basement, I usually stay there and do what, WATCH TV! Well by the time I finish watching TV, I usually forget to bring up the item I went down there for in the first place. Typical MAN, I know.

What I have learned to do is to put the ITEM on the stairs that lead out of the basement BEFORE I sit down to watch TV. Even if I’m too lazy to take the items up at that moment, I won’t forget them when I leave because I’ll trip over them on the way up!  Isn’t that great!  Tasks get completed and I get to watch TV too.  Now that’s an Action Plan!

The lesson in all of this is to put reminders of tasks needed to be done in places where you are sure to see them.  Places you go to many times a day like the refrigerator or the bathroom mirror or even a “sticky” on the front door at night that you will see in the morning when you leave for work.  Just remember to leave out of that door or it won’t work!