So I learned a new phrase today. It’s called “Manager Preference!” It’s means that no matter if you have done everything right and in order, your manager may not like it because it was not their “preference “; their preferred way of doing it.

Employees everywhere face this same nonsense daily in the workforce. It’s the cost of working for some one else. Oh the trifle ness; Oh the frustration of not being able to do your own thing without being told ” do it this way” or ” do it that way because that’s my preference”.

At the moment I heard that, I knew it was time for something else. My soul began to burn every time I replayed the scene in my head. “What the hell am I doing here?” “Am I not worthy of living my dreams versus putting up with this crap?”

That moment created my ¬†“WHY!” ¬†That moment let me know that I need to be my own BOSS and live life on my level of Preference, not somebody else’s. And so I blog and will continue to blog. I will do videos and more videos. I will read and study and listen to the mastermind that have what it is that I want.

I deserve to live life on my terms. I deserve the right to call my own shots and live out my destiny. I deserve my own “Managerial Preferences”. Empower Network is one of many mechanisms I will use to achieve my goals. I hope this blog will inspire someone to reach for theirs as well.

Here’s to living life on the Next Level!