“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”—Harry S. Truman

Many times we are held back from our greatness simply because we feel no one gives us CREDIT for what we HAVE done.  We feel we  need that sense of acknowledgement.  We need to be recognized and noticed.  That need can give us a false sense of security and we fall into the trap of trying to achieve results SIMPLY for the CREDIT received from others rather than for the personal acknowledgement of a job well done.

Successful people know how to give themselves credit for a job well done long BEFORE others acknowledge them. That praise from others is great, but successful people know they can achieve even greater goals when they focus on the results and not the accolades.  Successful people also know that no matter how great your achievements, it may not matter to anyone else. Unsuccessful people will be the first in line to criticize the successful person, trying to pull that proverbial “Crab bag into the barrel!”

If you want to be truly Unstoppable, focus on the achievements and not the accolades.  You’ll find you can get more done!