Out of the many things I heard about Michael Jackson over the past 6 days,
2 things really stand out for me.

  1. He died entirely too young!!!
  2. He worked on re-creating himself until his very last day!!!

So many times, we have heard the first point about people in our lives, but seldom do we hear the latter. Because we assume we have TIME, we are slow to work on the the plans for out lives. we put off until tomorrow the things we could be doing today. We think those plans should wait until we have more TIME, more MONEY, better JOB, or after the kids get out of the house.

While it never too late to WORK your PLAN, NOW is the perfect time to START ONE! Do one thing today to start the plan that will lead to the desires of your heart.

  1. It can be as easy(or as hard as in some cases)as writing the plan down. You can never be what you cannot see.
  2. Put the plan somewhere it can be seen on a daily basis.
  3. As you complete a goal, cross it off!! Now you can see the plan in action
  4. Congratulate yourself for honoring your commitment to WORKING THAT PLAN!!