On the last episode of the “Next Level Living Show”,  I had the pleasure of interviewing my old college friend, Dan Duster for our series “Man of Vision”.


It was a great show and you should watch the replay if you haven’t already. Here is the link:


Dan touched on Some keys to Achieving Anything You Desire. A point that really stood out was to have some “P’s”!







You’ve got to watch the replay to hear each point in depth but the overall point is this. In order to have the Success you want, you must be willingto take a “Leap of Faith” then put some work behind it. Finally you must not be fearful of asking for help from others, fearful of failure or fearful of succeeding.

This was an UNSTOPPABLE testimony from Dan and he is walking in the shoes of a great family lineage. If this man can do it, why not YOU! Check the replay and leave me a comment on what you heard. Here’s the link again:


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