Life can hit you like a snowstorm many times.  Blinding snow where you can’t see your way; Heavy snow that buries you in place or sloppy weather that messes up all your plans.  But Successful People deal with life the same way they deal with the snow.

First, you ASSESS the situation.  How bad is the storm or obstacle?  Is it really a storm or did we make it seem like one?  When it’s your storm, it can feel like 12 inches of snow when it really was only 2 or 3.  Successful people look at the storm AS IT REALLY IS.

Secondly, Successful People devise a STRATEGY to deal with the storm. Do you go out into the elements and still work your plan or is this a day you work on the things you can inside.  This may be the day you stay in and do paperwork, make appointments or set new goals for 2011.

Finally, Successful People REALIZE that storms don’t last always.  You can ride out any storm if you keep a positive attitude and work your plan.  Be consistent in doing the things you did before the storm while you’re in the storm.

Don’t let the snowstorms in your life CONTROL your life. By assessing, strategizing and realizing the storms are temporary, you can continue to BE UNSTOPPABLE!