Thank You to my Mom Alma Leftridge-Gray, who 44years ago, gave me life and shaped me into the man I am today.  Mother’s bring New Hope into the World everyday.  They plant the seed deep in their wound. In the darkness, that seed is allowed to take shape and Mother tends to it for months and months giving it vital nutrients.

Suddenly like the stem of a new flower, her children burst through the darkness into the light and the World gets excited about POSSIBILITIES  of what this child will bring to it. But Mother’s work is not done yet.  She must continue to feed the child the proper nutrients of education, morality and values.  She must water the child with wisdom and common sense so  the child will continue to grow strong and weather the storms of bad relationships, bad decisions, and bad circumstances that try to break them before they have reached their full potential.

 Their work in the life of a child is solidified when that child opens its petals and reaches Full Bloom for the whole world to see!. The Hope is realized in the work of that new doctor whose mother worked 3 jobs for 10 years to help pay for college. That hope is realized in the football player whose mother never missed a game .  That hope is realized in the lawyer or judge whose mother taught them “right from wrong” at an early age and made sure discipline was enforced in their home.  That Hope is realized in the author whose mother read to them every night before they went to sleep and allowed them to dream big dreams. That hope is realized in the President of the United States whose mother exposed him to different cultures, places and opportunities so that he too could bring New Hope to a nation in need.

So thank your mom today for the work.  Thank them for the love and the care they have bestowed on you. Honor them for the gifts they have given you by being the BEST FLOWER you can be. Now it’s your turn to bring New Hope into the World.

Now Go Be UNSTOPPABLE! Your Mom has already given You everything You need.