Every new day presents a new opportunity for you to be Great!  You can be a Great parent; a Great Teacher; a Great spouse.  You can be Great at your job or provide a Great service to someone in need.

It’s only when we lose the “thirst for Greatness” that we fall back into the comfort zone of “Average Living”.  Successful people never “take a vacation” or relax when it comes to reaching their Greatness.  Even when the body is on vacation and recharging, it is part of a strategic plan that successful people know is necessary to continue to be Unstoppable.

So if you want to be Unstoppable in your Pursuit of Greatness, remember to

1. Stay focused and on task

2. Do something daily that moves you towards your Greatness

3. Recognize that Greatness is all around you. Seek the Opportunities!

Now Go Be Unstoppable!