Sometimes I listen to a motiviational speaker by the name of John Maxwell.  He has a webcast called “Minute with Maxwell” and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quick burst of motivation( in addition to what you get from my UNSTOPPABLE THOUGHTS blog! lol).

The above quote comes courtesy of John. It amazes me how when you put two or more words together, they can become one new and more powerful word!  Take EXTRAORDINARY for instance: it is made up of the two words, Extra and Ordinary. The words by themselves have meaning and substance.  Extra meaning something more than; Ordinary meaning something average or regular.

But when you merge the two words together, you create a powerful shift in meaning that opens up new and wonderful possibilities!  EXTRAORDINARY means more than the average; more than the regular. EXTRAORDINARY means going beyond what is expected onto the NEXT LEVEL of achievement! 

Have you learned how to be EXTRAORDINARY yet?  Did you know that it really only takes merging the two words together in any situation?  Try this on for size.  If you want to have a EXTRAORDINARY relationship, you must put in something EXTRA from the ordinary relationship that you have or know of.  If you must have EXTRORDINARY success in your business, you must put in that EXTRA effort that ordinary businesses will not do.  EXTRAORDINARY results require EXTRA effort!

People who put in that EXTRA effort become EXTRAORDINARY and are truly on their way to being UNSTOPPABLE!