If you are like many clients I work with, you probably have a difficult time with patience. In this world of “Instant Gratification”, we have been conditioned and tricked in to believing that everything should come to us without delay.  We have a FEAR of waiting for things to happen and become impatient if it takes too long.

Successful People practice patience and live by these 3 rules:

1.  Successful People follow their plan.  This first requires you to make a plan.  The plan is a roadmap that allows you to see the GOAL take shape.  By following the plan, successful people can see the where they are going and know what can be accomplished quickly and what may take more time.  This diminishes the likelihood of becoming impatient.

2.  Successful People celebrate the small successes.  They know “You can’t eat the whole pie in one sitting, but you can enjoy the slice you’re eating at that moment.”   By celebrating the small level of sucess, it gives you fuel and energy to push forward towards the next one.  Focusing on the successes of the moment is more productive than being impatient about when the big success will come.

3.  Successful People don’t let potential setbacks make them become impatient.  Setbacks are inevitable in the game of life.  But by following the previous 2 rules, you can minimize the setbacks.  When they do come, successful people  keep pushing forward anyway.  Sometimes easier said than done, but necessary non the less.  These are the moments when you will need to draw on those small successes to pull you through.

So practice a little patience today before making a rash decision.  Reflect on the progress you’ve made thus far when you are attacked by a case of impatience.  Then you will be well on your way towards being UNSTOPPABLE!