Over recent years, there have been many movies such as “Evan Almighty” , “Field of Dreams” and now “Unstoppable” where men have attempted to do things that others thought were absolutely ridiculous. Why in the world would anyone build an Ark in this day and age?  Why would someone build a baseball diamond in the middle of a cornfield? What was he thinking when he attempted to stop a runaway train with another train?  Maybe you’ve had similiar experiences in your own life where something you wanted to do has been called into question by others.

Successful People think on a different level; a different “playing field”.  They can see what other average or ordinary people can not.  When average people say “Why”, Successful people say “Why Not”!  When they get a vision, they go with it because they know that where there is a vision, God always makes a provision!  It’s not always important to know the “Why” .  It’s more important to listen to that still voice in their spirit and risk ridicule from the masses in order to pursue their purpose.

So do you want to be a Success?  Then be willing to follow your dreams depite what others can’t see!  Be consistent in working your plan and persistent in building upon the vision given to you by the Creator.  Then you will truly be UNSTOPPABLE!