A colleague is dealing with a devastating loss of a family member.  The closeness of the relative coupled with the tragic circumstances surrounding the loss has made the colleague depressed, overwhelmed and melancholy.  But this person is the “ROCK” for the rest of the family and needs to be strong for them. But how do you do that if you are not STRONG yourself?

The key is to take time for Yourself. It is imperative that you GET YOUR SELF TOGETHER before you attempt to support others in the family. Here are a few ideas:

  • TAKE a DAY to YOURSELF.  Literally disappear from the pressures of the moment and focus on your thoughts and feelings.
  • JOURNAL  about the situation. Writing it down can cleanse the mind and soul of the burden you may be carrying.  It gives you someplace else to put the feelings instead of inside your head.
  • WORK OUT.  Workouts have been known to relieve stress and burn energy. It’s a great way to take your mind off of the situation, even if for a little while.
  • TALK to someone.  A Life Coach, therapist,counselor or spiritual adviser can be a good resource to help deal with your feelings so that you can get clear and focus on being the strong support the family needs.

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