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On the Last Episode of the “Next Level Living Show with Coach Terrance”, we spoke to Relationship Coach, Dr. Torri “LOVE” Griffith.









She works with couples to build stronger bonds and lasting relationships.  Her motto is to Live Loving Life!

When taking your LOVE relationship to the NEXT LEVEL, Dr. Love tells us to keep 4 Things in mind.

1.  Decide what is the PURPOSE of the relationship?

What do you want this relationship to be? Friendship, companionship or more.

2. Are you PREPARED for this relationship?

Are you mentally and emotionally prepared to handle this kind of purpose relationship?

3. What PATH will this relationship take?

Where do you want this relationship to go and do both of you agree on that path?

4. How LONG are you gonna be in the relationship?

How long do you want to be in this relationship before you want more? How long will you stay in it if it doesn’t go to the NEXT LEVEL?

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Dr. LOVE also told us about the “5 LOVE Languages” and why we should know our mates “LOVE Language” if we plan to take our LOVE relationship to the NEXT LEVEL! They are:

Acts of Service

Words of Affirmation

Receiving Gifts

Quality Time

Physical Touch

Check the replay of “Taking Your LOVE Relationship to the NEXT LEVEL!” by clicking the link below