“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in times of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy.” Martin Luther King.

Recently, I was the emcee at a graduation for families achieving self sufficiency in their lives. It was inspiring to me to hear the success stories of the single parents and how they overcame all the challenges in their lives to get to this point.
As Dr. King states in his quote, we can truly be measured by what we go thru, not what is comfortable for us. So with that in mind, I shared with them 3 things to keep in mind while they are on their journey towards continued success.

1. REFLECT on the success you have had thus far.
Reflection allows us the opportunity to see where we were and how far we have come in our journey. Many times my clients are so wrapped up in trying to achieve complete self sufficiency now that they fail tocelebratethe success along the way. Small successes motivate us to keep moving forward until the ultimate goal is achieved. To use a baking analogy, have you ever noticed how much more you appreciate that people love your cake when you know how much time and effort went into making it?
As the young kids say;”Pop Your Collar” and give yourself some accolades for the success you have achieved.

2. RECOGNIZE the journey is not over.
Life is full of opportunities for more success. Life should be like a game of “Jenga” where you build on each level of success by accepting a new challenge and conquering it. The game of “Jenga” also teaches us that things can fall apart at any time, but because you have had success before, you can build up to it again. Continue to build your “success muscles” by looking for more opportunities to be successful.

3. REACH back and Pay It Forward.
Someone needs to hear your story! Someone needs to see your success! Success breeds new success not only in you, but in the people you come in contact with. Many times I have been told I motivated them to do something positive without me even saying anything directly to them. Know that people are watching you even when you think nobody is. Your kids, your neighbors, your coworkers and even strangers can bse touched in extraordinary ways by the way you handle life’s “ups and downs”.
Take the time to share your story with someone. Write a book or a magazine article that chronicles your success. Speak to a group related to the area in which you had success. It may be the one thing that helps someone else become UNSTOPPABLE!