I love when the Lenten season comes around each year for many reasons.  Not only is it a time to Reflect on what Jesus did for us thru His sacrifice on the Cross; it is also a time for us to Grow spiritually thru sacrifice, Gain clarity and to Conquer the the things that may be holding us back from reaching the NEXT LEVEL. These next 40 days will test our commitment level and show us what we are really made of.

My goal this year is to not use profanity or “CUSS”  for the next 40 days.  Anyone who knows me well can see the sacrifice I am undergoing. It will take awareness, persistence and lots of prayer to be successful. But isn’t that what this time is all about anyway? If your sacrifice is not truly a sacrifice, then what will you have achieved at the end of the lenten season?

The goal of the sacrifice is to CONQUER the sacrifice as Jesus conquered death on the cross that we may be freed from sin. So it is with the person who “Gives Up” smoking during this time in hopes that he will be freed from the addiction. The person who fasts daily frees themselves from the desires of the flesh and CONQUERS the temptation for instant gratification. What will you sacrifice this season in hopes of Conquering an addiction or temptation?

The lenten season is a perfect time to grow spiritually, gain clarity, and Conquer the things that may be holding us back. If we can do it for 40days, we are well on our way to BEING UNSTOPPABLE ON THE NEXT LEVEL!