Today is the 62nd Day of the New Year of the New Decade! How are you doing so far with the Goals you set for yourself? Do You even remember them?  Well if you don’t, it’s OK. I give you permission to RELEASE yourself from the guilt associated with not meeting expectations. You can’t get the other 61 days back, but You can start anew TODAY towards working on the same goal or a new revised goal.  You still have everything You need to be Your best!

Now for everyone who has been working their goals all year, REWARD Yourself with something special. Something that best exemplifies the effort you have put forth thus far. Have a spa day; go shopping for clothes in your new size; buy a new car or some other toy! You deserve it so go ahead and reward yourself. Then get back to work because there’s more work to be done!

When You RELEASE Yourself from the guilt of failure and REWARD Yourself for a job well done, You can still make the most of this year and still BE UNSTOPPABLE!