Not Yet, But Its Coming!

It’s Day 3 of my new Blogging venture and I have to say, it is more than I thought it would be. Now you may be wondering if that is Positive or Negative. The answer is BOTH! I have not gotten to the point where I want to to be with this venture YET, But I know It’s Coming!

That’s the title of today’s blog.   Too many times in life we give up on things before they reach the point of achievement or success.  How many times have you said in your own life that “I didn’t give all I had” or “I gave up too soon”?  How many things have you YET to achieve or even try? In coaching terminology, that is what we can “Self Interrupting Talk”.  Those words we say to ourselves that can stop us in our tracks and keep us from achieving the goals we set for ourselves.  It’s the self -inflicted wound; the bump in the road; the imaginary obstacle we create to keep us where we are instead of where we want to be.

I am going to show you how just by adding a affirming statement to the end of a self interrupting thought, you can spark a new flame in your thinking and start a fire in your belly that can only be extinguished when you achieve your goals! So Let’s Look at the title.

If we stopped at the words “Not Yet”, we would find that many of our hopes and dreams never made it past this point.  Not yet means it has not occurred. However, most of us look at Not yet as a final statement of fact as opposed to a “pause in the conversation”.  Not yet does not mean this is the end; it just means there is a possibility of something to occur in the future.

I attended a networking events months ago and there were a number of people I talked to from all walks of life. Networking events are perfect breeding grounds to overcome the “self interrupting talk” you may be burdened with because of all the possibilities these events create.  I talked to aspiring actors, singers and entrepreneurs.  In talking to them, I found an overriding theme.  The actor had not made it YET. The singer hadn’t made that record or CD YET.  The entrepreneur hadn’t made his millions YET! As I listened to them, I could hear the passion for what they were doing in their voices, but I could see their spirits waning as well.

I know from my own experience what that feels like, but I was compelled by my spirit to say these words to each of them.  ” You haven’t made it YET, But it’s COMING! Can you feel the power in that affirming statement.  You have not made it where you want to be as an actor, singer or entrepreneur YET, but it’s COMING! I know it’s coming because you were at the networking events talking about your hopes, dreams and desires.  I know it’s coming because you keep plugging away improving your skills and working on your craft.  I know it’s coming because people can see on the outside how much work you’re putting into making your dreams come true.

In my own life, I have learned that things I want out of life do not always come quickly and the things that do may not be for me in the first place.  But if I stay the course, remain consistent in my work and continue to have faith in the process, success will come! When you say to your self, “Not Yet, But It’s Coming”, you open up to the World and say you are still open to receiving what it is that is your to receive, no matter how long it takes.  Good things come to those who wait. And usually when it comes, it is right on time.

So here is what I want you to do. Think of the things in your life that you have “Not Yet” received. Goals you given up on, relationships you have divested from, dreams you’ve buried in the virtual graveyard of your mind.  Imagine what could happen if you just added the “But It’s Coming” affirmative phrase to the end of those statements.  If you really knew it was coming, would you work a little harder? If you knew it was coming, could you hold onto the dream a little longer? Is the possibility of having what you want out of life worth just a little more time and effort?

If you are UNSTOPPABLE like me, then the answer will be “Yes” and you will push through to your greatness. Remember, You may not be all you want to be or have all you want to have YET, But It’s Coming!

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Why Settle for Less When You Can Be UNSTOPPABLE!

Coach Terrance Leftridge