I love meeting new people, but not always crazy about the venue in which I meet them. This week I have had the pleasure and displeasure of being at the Mayo Clinic with my sister.  The displeasure comes because the only reason anyone comes to the Mayo Clinic is to get help with a serious illness.  That is the case for us as well.  The pleasure comes with meeting wonderful people who are going thru some of the same issues we are.

Despite the ominous situations these people are facing, I have not met one person who was down or depressed. They all have been motivated and hopeful that the illnesses of their loved ones will improve. This kind of Hope is supernatural.  It is a Hope based in faith, not in medicine. Don’t get me wrong; the staff at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota have been outstanding. They are patient, well mannered and provide excellent treatment to their patients.  But the successes that occur here are nothing short of Miracles on a daily basis.  That’s because there is a tremendous amount of HOPE running through this place.

I met a lovely lady named Bonnie that gave me Hope that my sister would be just fine. She told me of her husband’s illnesses and how through the grace of God, he has come through the surgeries with minimal damage and may need only a few trials of chemotherapy. She talked about her own injuries that have limited her mobility and her ability to care for her husband. But she still has HOPE. She still feels that things will get better as long as she keeps the faith.  She encouraged me to do the same.

Bonnie’s situation could far more serious than my sister or mine for that matter. But she still sent out a message of HOPE to me and my family! Isn’t wonderful to know that you can still be a blessing to someone else despite your own situation?  Bonnie told me that just talking to me blessed her and made her day. I did not know that would be my purpose when I woke up this morning and that is a wonderful feeling to have.

So here’s my assignment for you if you are reading this:  How can you spread HOPE today in the life of someone else no matter where you are in the World? Can you give someone a smile who may need to see one? Can you open the door for a stranger in need who doesn’t believe people help one another anymore? Can you give a word of encouragement to someone today who is feeling down and depressed.

Be an Unstoppable light of HOPE today! You’ll love the feeling you get from it!  #BEUNSTOPPABLE!