Most people who succeed in the face of seemingly impossible conditions are people who simply don’t know how to quit.
Robert Schuller defines “UNSTOPPABLE” as ” not capable of being halted or impossible to stop”.

So by definition, Unstoppable People are those person who can be halted from reaching their goals and dreams. So what exactly does it take to Be UNSTOPPABLE? Over the next couple of blogs I hope to give you some qualities found in Unstoppable People.

The first quality that Unstoppable People have is that they are UNWILLING to Quit.

In life, it is very easy to quit something, especially if you have experienced a level of disappointment or failure. You think you can’t make it or this is not for you. Little do they know that with just a little more effort , success could be theirs for the taking. Unstoppable People have mastered the Unwillingness to quit necessary for Success.

As I write this blog, I know it would be easier to throw my hands up and give up on the dream of being a successful blogger and I am sure someone reading this has felt the same way. However, I am Unwilling to let my dream die with me. I have the Audacity to believe I can have everything I dream of and the ability to make them come true! Quitting is not an Option!

To Be UNSTOPPABLE in your life, you must adopt that same “UNWILLING To QUIT” spirit. When life says No You can’t, You must push back and say Yes I Can! Imagine where President Obama would be today if he quit runnung for office after being defeated in races for State Senator of Illinois and Congress? Imagine where Michael Jordan would be today if he believed what his high school coaches said about hime before they cut him from the team?

Unstoppable People are Unwilling to cave in to the Naysayers and Dream Killers. They know that not everyone will go forward with them on their journey to Success and that some will ultimately fall off of the bandwagon. That’s ok because they were not meant to be there. The people who believe in your dreams will fuel your desire to be Unstoppable and will motivate you not to quit.

Richard Nixon once said “A man is not finished when he is defeated, he is finished when he quits.” Be Unwilling to Quit and the Successes will out number the defeats and You wil Be UNSTOPPABLE!