I was hard @ work in my basement finishing up notes from a coaching session when I heard this “Knocking noise”.  I wasn’t quite sure where it came from, so I tried to ignore it. After 10 minutes of the constant noise, I went to investigate. To my surprise, my next door neighbor’s 3yr old son was “banging” on the door looking for my wife!  He was determined to get our attention. Since my wife was not home, I took a little time and talked with the boy.
To my surprise, there was a greater opportunity at hand. Come to find out that 2 of my neighbor’s were chatting on the little boy’s porch.  Both were in need of real estate services, for which I am an agent, and both could use life coaching of some sort!  But, if not for that little boy feverishly “banging” on my door for so long, that opportunity would have been missed. LOOK AT HOW GOD WORKS!
What opportunities are you missing out on, even though GOD is feverishly knocking on your “spiritual door”  Are you in conversation with GOD and listening for the ever so silent knocks of opportunity?  Next time you hear them, better STOP and answer.  It’s probably GOD being UNSTOPPABLE in your life!