Why not start Your Thanksgiving Holiday off with Some Praise! GOD is worthy to be Praised! All Thanks and Praise to the One who blesses Us on a Daily, Hourly basis. If you are seeing this blog post,it’s not by accident. It’s because He woke You up this morning with the ability to see and read! He is The BEST THING that ever happened to us! Isn’t that a blessing?

If you are able to hear the attached video, it was not by your own abilities. GOD allows you to hear the sweet beautiful music. Isn’t that a blessing? The fact that your computer, laptop, smart phone worked this morning is a blessing. The fact that you have access to such items is a blessing. GOD is the BEST THING that ever happened to us! There are many parts of the world where this technology still does not exist.

Here’s what I want You to Do this Thanksgiving Day: First Give Thanks for all that You have and recognize everything you may take for granted. Second, leave a coment below on what You are GRATFEUL for on this day. You may encourage someone else with your words of gratitude. Finally, share this blog with everyone you know so that we can start a chain of Thankfulness around the World today.

Be Blessed, Be Thankful, Be UNSTOPPABLE!

Terrance “The Unstoppable Coach” Leftridge


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