Terrence Leftridge


My VISION Is to Provide Individuals with Tools that Empower, Words that Motivate and Coaching that Pushes People to Create, Speak Life to and Achieve UNSTOPPABLE Results in their journey towards Greatness!

All Things Are Possible thru Faith and Works.

That credo is what drives Certified Christian Life and Real Estate Coach Terrance Leftridge to work with clients from all walks of life in helping them reach all their dreams and possiblities. “My desire is for my clients to become Fearless in their pursuits and Unstoppable in their Achievements“.

Why Settle for Less When You Can Be UNSTOPPABLE!

We all were created with a Purpose and Passion to Achieve it. Sometimes We just need someone to talk to and put us in tune with our inner voice: that voice which tells us everything we need to know to do what it takes to live in our PURPOSE.

 While Terrance has personal work experience in Corporate America,the Insurance and Real Estate industry, and social service arenas, his Coaching abilities have been present and powerful in all of the stops along the way. He  brings a wealth of background and knowledge to the coaching experience. That allows him to be sensitive to needs of his clients across a wide spectrum of work,life, and society related issues needing focus and clarification. Terrance will work with you to reach your highest potential self!!!

Terrance is certified through NewLifeCoaching Inc. in Chicago,IL. as a Christian Life Coach(CLC) and a Life Coach Trainer.He has over 500 hours of Coaching sessions in 2009 alone.  He has coached Executive salespeople, entrepeneurs, personal trainers and real estate brokers.  He also does workshops on Time Management and Personal Development.  In each instance, Terrance gives 100% of his gifts and talents to help You Take It to the Next  Level and Beyond!

Customer testimonials

Sparkle Washington

Of what am I so afraid? “Face your fear and do it anyway,” Terrance admonished. After our conversation about cleansing storms, fear, and purpose, I felt inspired to drop kick any obstacle that paralyzes me. The preparation and process feels foreboding, yes, but I feel ready. The time to do it? Now. Thanx for talking to me, Terrance. How wonderful to meet you!

Sparkle Washington-Team Leader @ By The Hand Club




MelodyByrdTL – thanks for the great coaching session! I encourage others to let Terrance work his magic to help take you to the next level in life, love and passion! He is your army of one who can show you how to be unstoppable about your happiness, about being loving and about reaching your dreams!

Melody Byrd
BlueCross/Blue Shield of Illinois


MaureenBoboCoach T from Unstoppable Coaching enables one to see their negative thought processes and develop more positive ones. Also, he focuses you on Income Producing Activities (IPA) that will help your business grow. You develop measurable steps to take to see growth. With his guidance and time, you see that your Passion is behind your Purpose that will ultimately lead to your success. You believe that YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE because you are!
Maureen Bobo- Executive Director at Beautiful Stones


EdWilliamsDarkSuitTerrance ” The Unstoppable Coach” Leftridge is the real deal. Terrance is man of positive action. This coaching is design to get you to live your best life by holding you accountable to your goals and task which will enable you to live your dreams.

Edward Williams President/ CEO The PowerLife Group


Edward Womack“Coach Terrance is a true Man of Vision and an Inspirational Guru”. His desire to provide a constant example of Next Level Living is second to none. He also invites and moves others to their max potential at the same time. He consistently brings motivation, inspiration and humor to his audience and clients in a manner that is UNSTOPPABLE and Unique to him.   So appreciate the friendship and professionalism”.
Ed Womack , The Life Transformer


Kim ThomasTerrance, I just wanted to let you know that you are simply  PHENOMENAL! I truly appreciate all of the words of encouragement and the wisdom you share with me. When I needed some insight, you were there! When I needed a pick me up, you were there! When I needed a push to move to the next level, you were there! Thank you for always being there! Your coaching and encouragement can move anyone’s mountains. I know because they moved mine.

Kimberly M. Coleman-Thomas Wealth Accumulation Specialist Sanmar Financial Network



Ronda Stacey AndrewsI want to thank Coach Terrance Leftridge for being a guest speaker on my show Speak Life Radio. He did an amazingly AWESOME job. My listeners and I are so super EXCITED and PUMPED about LIVING THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE since our live group session on the show! Not only is he a great coach that asks the right questions which brings about thought provoking results but he is funny, personable, engaging, insightful, smart, passionate about helping people, very knowledgeable, filled with experience and yet firm in folding his clients accountable to their actions. He was able to shift our focus from defeating circumstances to THE EMPOWERING MINDSET OF LIVING LIFE UNSTOPPABLE in spite of our circumstances!  If you are truly serious about making some major changes in your life, I highly recommend Coach Terrance as your go to man! I thank God for your life and pray abundant blessing over you and your family.

Ronda Stacey Andrews–Creator and Host of Speak Life Radio


KC BizBossThanks to the Unstoppable Coach Terrance Leftridge, for giving me a few great business ideas for our new  Chamber of Commerce for Entrepreneurs “KC POWER PLAYERS”
Kandi Conda,Entrepreneurship & Entertainment Consultant,  KCPowerplayers.com





kenya carmichaelI credit many of my career and educational goals for the past several years to my Accountability Coach, Terrance Leftridge. As a result of his valuable coaching, I have been able to map out my job experience to coincide with my academic major. I also was able to determine my areas of concern, update my job applications and develop my interviews. Under his coaching, I recently obtained the position of my dreams with The Chicago Public School system.

Kenya Carmichael,  Aspiring Student



amanda longeWhen I arrived at steps of S.S.D.C, I was overcome with anxiety and  emotion. I could not fathom a way out of  my  self imposed prison of debt and bars of desperation. Mr. Leftridge offered me hope coupled with  hard-work. The hard-work began by taking an earnest look at how I got into this situation in the first place. He signed me up for every budget workshop that had  an available slot. He stressed the importance of paying bills on time and putting something up for a rainy or sunny day. Save now and save later was his motto. His philosophy was to always network. He taught me how gifted I was and that there is power in self-talk and the spoken word.

I am a better person because of Mr. Leftridge’s no nonsense approach to living a successful life. I was working a full time job, volunteering on retreats, singing in a homeless choir, and caring for a teenage daughter. Mr Leftridge strongly suggested I go back to school after being off the academic circuit for 25 years. I said, ” You’re kidding right?” He was as serious as a asthmatic receiving breathing treatments. I have maintained a 3.90 grade point average for the last 3 years, and I was recently accepted at DePaul University to pursue degree in Pastoral Studies. Thank God for kisses blown to us from heaven. Terrance Leftridge, thank you for believing in my vision for my future. You’re simply a spiritual instrument of God.

Amanda Longe’Spiritual Coach


emilycainWorking with UNSTOPPABLE COACHING is one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Terrance has the uncanny ability to read between the lines and provide clarity so that I can see where even small changes will reap large gains. Professionally, I have an increased effectiveness resulting in more time to make sales. Personally, my life has become more peaceful and relationships have improved since working with Terrance.
Emily Cain Sales and Marketing, National Window Shade Co