Meet the “BUILDER”- Cori Briggs, Author and Transformational Speaker

Terrance Leftridge

Welcome back to another episode of “Unstoppable Stories” . Tonight we introduce to you Cori Briggs aka “The Builder!”

This man is a phenomenal speaker and has a style and a Flow that will memorize you while inspiring you to “Buid Your Legacy!”

He hails from Savannah Georgia but his words are Universal as he encourages us to Build Our Legacies based upon sound financial principles and unparalleled determination.

He is a fellow “Black Belt Speaker” and co-author of the book series: “LIve Your Best Life-Answer The Call”.  Each and every Wednesday Cori can be seen on FB with his video series “W.I.L.L. Wednesdays! But know it has nothing to do with the day of the week; but more about how you feel and think!

It’s my honor to welcome Cori to the “Unstoppable Stories Show” and I know you will be glad you listened in!!!