It’s TIME to Tell Your Past “I’m NOT There Anymore!”

Too many times we can’t MOVE forward to our future destiny because we are STUCK in our past despair!  That’s S.C. Urquhart’s #UnstoppableStory!  He chats with us tonight about moving past his hurts, depression and addictions from his past by GOD’s grace and is using his personal testimony in the book “I Don’t Live There Anymore!” to help others move forward in their lives.

This timely conversation will help you “GET UNSTUCK” from the past that holds you hostage and “STOPS” you from walking in your Unstoppable Purpose. S.C, will motivate, educate and entertain you tonight. But most of all, he will empower you and show you you that all you need is already inside of you to tell your demons that “I don’t Live There Anymore” as well!